Active birth Yoga skills covered over an 8 week cycle (start anytime from 24 weeks)

  1. Relaxation & Mindfulness

  2. Releasing fears & Affirmations

  3. Optimal baby positioning & Pelvic floor

  4. Visualisation in pregnancy & labour

  5. Breathing for pregnancy, labour & birth

  6. Vocalisation in labour & birth

  7. Labour : first stage using active birth positions

  8. Birth: second stage using upright birth positions

Brisbane Class schedule (1 1/2 hour class)

Monday 10.30am - 12pm Auchenflower

Monday 6.00pm-7.30pm Auchenflower

Payment options

  • $120 for 4 class Active Birth & Pregnancy Yoga pass (5 week expiry )*

  • $220 for 8 class Active Birth & Pregnancy Yoga pass (10 week expiry )*

  • $180 for Unlimited Monthly pass for Active Birth & Pregnancy Yoga classes

  • $525 for Better Birth Bundle 8 class pass + Active birth Workshop (SAVE $55)

    Cancel & reschedule classes - you can cancel up to 2 hours before class and reschedule within your expiry period

    * Any unused pregnancy exercise classes after your baby's birth date can be used in Mums & Bubs Yoga classes.  Please notify us when your baby is born. Does not apply to monthly pass.

    What about my Partner's ?

    Your birthing partner can attend an Active Birth Workshop or 3hr Private Session.  Try our Active Birth or Private Session bundles  (includes 8 class pass + a workshop or 3hr private session with your birth partner) . Email to arrange a booking. Our experience has shown that a birthing woman’s satisfaction is enhanced with the participation of her partner in the preparation process.

Many thanks for the yogababy active birth classes. It was my third time attending these classes and I really appreciate the preparation for birth and the empowering and strong woman headspace that your classes have given me each pregnancy. I ended up having a good birth in the birth centre of a beautiful baby boy named Lucas. Thank-you for your support.
— Miranda, Registered Midwife
I had in my body all that I had been taught and I found an instinct and power inside of me that I think is so often lost in our busy, modern, over-thinking world.
— Cassie
Thank you for the wisdom and resources you provided in both your private class and the active birth yoga classes, we had a spontaneous labour with natural vaginal birth. The birthing team were very proud of me and stated they felt privileged being part of such a birth (a rare occasion they felt). I found the use of breathing, letting go, positioning and vocalisation extremely helpful throughout labour and birth. I found practising visualisation and breathing in class and at home built my confidence in myself and my body ‘to do what it does’ and things came to me naturally. I am recovering very well and my baby girl appears to be settling into life outside the womb .
— Rebecca
Thanks to Suzanne’s wonderful classes, I had the confidence to go with my body’s natural instincts during labour and was able to deliver our healthy baby boy all by myself
— Serena
I particularly liked the focus on our partners for the full day workshop and the lead up with just the mums for the weekly active birth yoga classes. The lessons I learnt about natural birth through yogababy were invaluable for me during labour. The most inspiring thing I learnt was the technique of slow breaths and sound vibrations during each contraction to manage sensations and keep control. I went on to use this technique for my whole labour and went on to achieve the natural, drug-free birth I was hoping for.
— Susannah
Thank you for the pre natal and active birth yoga courses! My husband and I used all the postures and the songs you taught us during the classes to control breathing and achieve a drug free vaginal birth. After 20 hours (8 of which were established labour) I delivered a healthy 8lb baby boy. Due to the empowerment you helped me feel during my first ever pregnancy and labour experience, I found myself approaching parenthood with confidence and strength. Suzanne, you truly have a gift for enabling women to trust their bodies. Thank you a thousand times over!
— Kelly
The yoga baby sessions help transform my first pregnancy and birthing journey. When I joined the class, I was terrified of giving birth and thought it would only be safe under highly supervised and medicative conditions. The classes allowed me to connect with myself and my growing baby and this gave me the confidence to work with my body to aim for a natural birth. My labor, though painful, was a positive and pleasurable experience. My son, now one year old, makes me laugh everyday. Thanks again for offering this wonderful class and for your mentorship throughout.
— Michelle
Yoga baby active birth classes gave me the confidence and knowledge to deliver my baby boy without medications or intervention. After a whole day of pre-labor at 37 weeks I wasn’t sure whether this was the real thing. Thankfully mum drove me to yoga which was the week where we learnt how to cope in the first stages of labor and sure enough Suzanne’s techniques helped me to hold off going to hospital until 5pm the following day. A few hours later I was in a birthing pool, leaning against my crying husband with a little baby on my chest- bliss. Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge and helped me to understand what actions I need to take to prepare myself and to move my baby into an ideal birthing position. I will recommend Yogababy to all my friends!
— Prue

Active Birth yoga classes are gentle, safe and beneficial for you and your growing baby. Along with practising pre natal yoga and breathing exercises that prepare you for birth, these classes explore topics that will increase your potential of achieving a natural and empowering birth. You will practise classical Pregnancy yoga sequences throughout each class. An active birth workbook to accompany the classes for home practice is available to purchase at your first class.

"Active Birth is nothing new. Strong intention, relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an Active Birth." - Janet Balaskas (founder of Active Birth Movement.


As well as exploring Active Birth Skills such as Breathing in Labour, you will be moving in the class, releasing tension from your pelvis and strengthening your buttocks & legs.  You will be  practicing yoga postures that are relevant to birth like standing, squatting, lunging, all fours and resting postures.  Mindfulness and relaxation techniques are included in every class. There is clear evidence that using upright positions in the first stage of labour reduces the duration of labour, the risk of caesarean birth and the need for an epidural.

The classes are primarily for you to learn the skills involved in birthing your baby naturally.  Learn active  birth skills  and keep healthy by learning mind-body techniques to keep calm, respond creatively, reduce fear and the experience of pain,  increase focus and confidence.  

Learn the difference between “Mindful Acceptance” & “Distracted and Distraught”

In 2017, researchers in Australia did face-to-face interviews and written surveys to understand how people’s state of mind related to how they experienced labour pain.  They discovered that there were two distinct states of mind that women might experience during labor.  One was called mindful acceptance. This meant that a woman was focused on staying in the present moment. She might say something like, “When a contraction would pass I wasn’t worrying about the next one,” or “I lost sense of time.” The other potential state of mind was being distracted and distraught. This state of mind was linked to higher levels of pain. Examples of this might be, “I was looking at the clock and it felt like every minute was an hour,” or “I was dreading the next contraction,” or “I was distracted by the people in the room.”

You can start the active birth yoga course at any stage in your pregnancy.  It is recommended to commence the cycle in the later part of your 2nd trimester.  However, you can commence at anytime. Even just a few classes will guide you towards a more confident and empowering birth experience. Depending on availability, you can start mid-way through a course and/or finish up when your baby is due.